Lynn’s research approaches follow a multi-faceted and immersive approach to storytelling and public engagement in the realm of scientific fieldwork and environmental awareness. The goal is to involve various interconnected elements that aim to communicate not just the scientific aspects of environmental challenges, but also the divers cultural perspectives, personal narratives, and imaginative dimensions that shape our understanding of nature.

Therefor, her involvement in fieldwork with scientists and photographic documentation allows to gain firsthand experience of the research process. By weaving together scientific insights, cultural interpretations, personal motivations, and narratives, you create a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of environmental challenges. This storytelling approach goes beyond simple facts and figures to showcase the complex interplay of human and natural elements. It highlights the nuanced relationships between people and their environments.

Lynn’s photographic work aims at combining the documentation of scientific work, environmental challenges with interactive exhibition and public engagement formats, such as can be seen „The revolution of things“.

Beyond Science, into Culture:

Bridging the gap between scientific data and cultural perspectives, highlighting how different societies perceive and interact with nature. These diverse viewpoints enrich our grasp of global challenges.

Multispecies perspectives:

Crafting holitsic narratives, through telling natural (his)stories and environmental challenges from the point of view of non-human beings.

Unveiling the Unseen:

Telling stories from below the surface and unaccesible spaces to reveal environmental impacts hidden from our human perceptions.

Bringing remote places closer:

Exploring environmental impacts and solutions from the most remote places on our earth to scale local and global perspectives.

Unearthing personal narratives:

Behind every research endeavor lies a personal mission. By delving into the stories of scientists,  the driving forces that lead them to explore the unknown are unveiled. These narratives humanize science and reveal the passion that fuels our quest to safeguard the planet.