Research Compendium

Interim results of "Design in the Anthropocene"

The „Research Compendium“ summarises the interim results and conclusions of the MA-thesis „How to create a better future through science, exploration and design“.

The compendium is divided into 3 areas of investigation:

1) the role of scientific expeditions in the age of climate crisis (or the plastic age),
2) consequences of invisible plastic waste,
3) opportunities and challenges of bio-based alternatives to plastic.

The aim was to visually present the collected knowledge in such a way that the outgoing problem, the research question and the corresponding usecase are communicated in a comprehensible and popular scientific way. This resulted in a box with material samples from collected plastic waste and first material design trials pursued in the laboratory, as well as three accompagnying booklets.

The first brochure contains mainly theoretical research and contextualisation, while the second publication acts as an expedition diary of my sailing expedition across the North Atlantic with marine biologists who studied the impact of microplastics on plankton (use-case). A third booklet documents the research in the wet lab, aiming to explore different approaches on bioplastics (see → Material Studies).